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TMN Sports Writing Roundtable

Pasha discusses good sportswriting at The Morning News, alongside Katie Baker, Nic Brown, Will Leitch, and Bethlehem Shoals. I scrolled down to the bottom and it looks like Pasha gets the last word in, so that’s got to be good, right?


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Madras Press Interview

In Fanzine, Pasha interviews publisher Sumanth Prabhaker, from Madras Press. And this is not really related, but Madras happen to be about 3 miles from where I’m writing this. Not important, I guess, but kind of cool, and adds a human touch, perhaps. Anyways.

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The Air Strip

A fun open-letter thing about Canadian airports being outfitted with body scanners, over at The Walrus.

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The Next Chapter Podcast

I think I missed this when it first came around, or perhaps I’ve linked to it and can’t find it now, since the archives situation here is a bit amok, BUT here’s a zippy little link to a podcast Pasha participated on last fall over at CBC’s The Next Chapter.

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Thru-You at Ryeberg

About a year ago the internet collectively ooohed and ahhhed over a series of YouTube video mash-ups called Thru-You. Pasha reflects a year later, over at Ryeberg.

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Pasha Becomes Incongruous

Pasha is guest-editing the summer issue of Incongruous Quarterly.The theme is MONEY, and the ideal piece will already have been rejected by some other journal. Pasha’s issue should be online any day now, July 2010.

(Interesting anecdotal background at Torontoist)

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Your Final Lay

The Morning News delivers the fifth and final installment of Pasha & Kevin’s Spider Solitaire instructional. Shit gets completely hectic. Please use the comments field below to discuss what you have learned and what questions you still have.

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Smackdown! (Not Really)

Over at That Shakespearean Rag, Pasha and Steven Beattie discuss literary readings. There are pictures of boxers but surely two internerds discussing the reading of fiction aloud oughtn’t get too contentious. Here’s Part One, here’s Part Two.

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Prune Versus Plum

Part Four of Pasha’s collaboration with Kevin Dolgin on achieving mastery of Spider Solitaire.

Forget your tiny fireworks. Look up into the sky! Overhead are the stars—nature’s fireworks, Hyperion, a whole fucking galaxy of them. Eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge! Live each moment as though it were your last!

Wait, wait. That’s not helpful advice at all—this would be depressing, surely, to go about as though you are dying. I’m still working through the logistics of this aphorism.

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What Are You Doing June 6th?

I’ll tell you:  attending the Elora Writer’s Festival, because Pasha will be there, along with some other Canadian authors. FYI Elora is in Ontario. Bring a light jacket, yes June is in the summer, but if there’s a breeze you’ll be glad for an extra layer.

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