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The Morning News Group Efforts

Here is a list of the shorter-things Pasha Malla has contributed to The Morning News. They do this feature every so often, the editors name a topic and then everyone chimes in with a paragraph or two. It’s nice because you feel like you’re contributing but you don’t actually have to do much work.

Vacation Destinations – Newfie

Movies For What Ails You – Sesame Street

Exercise Gear -A basket ball

Hangover Cures – IV drip

Fall Fashion – A scarf

Our Favorite Gifts – An artsy movie

The Vanishing Date – A Halloween story

May 2006 – A Roy Kesey book

April 2006 – A Canadian show called WireTap

March 2006 – The National Lacrosse League (which I don’t believe is a real thing)

Brushes with the Law – 8-year-old Pasha almost gets his dad killed

Holiday Travel Hell – Sketchy racist guys on a plane


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