The Unofficial Pasha Malla Resource Center


The #1 source for Pasha Malla-related information in the observable universe.


Pasha Malla doesn’t have a website of his own, so I am going to try and remedy that. This site has links to stories that Pasha Malla has written, and information about his various goings-on.

If you would like to purchase books by Pasha Malla, I recommend Anansi in Canada, Soft Skull in the US, and maybe also Amazon.

The end.


2 Responses

  1. Hello Pasha,
    I’m writing a piece about Authors on Eighth for the World of Words column in What’s Up Yukon. Rachel and Dawne mentioned you are a judge and let slip you’ll have lots of reading to do. After the hubbub of Authors on Eighth dies down, could you spare a few moments for an interview? I would like to write a profile, focusing on your time as a Berton House writer, for a column to appear prior to your September reading in Whitehorse.

    Through me, and two other local mystery writers, the Yukon is the Crimewriter’s of Canada’s newest division. Would you be interested in offering a mystery/noir/crimewriting workshop for our tiny group? It would be our debut event.

    Please contact me by return email, at your convenience, with questions or to discuss details.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    Jessica Simon

  2. Mike says:

    I just read your story in Electric Literature no. 2 and it was fantastic. When I get paid, I’m going to buy your book.

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