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TMN Sports Writing Roundtable

Pasha discusses good sportswriting at The Morning News, alongside Katie Baker, Nic Brown, Will Leitch, and Bethlehem Shoals. I scrolled down to the bottom and it looks like Pasha gets the last word in, so that’s got to be good, right?


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Madras Press Interview

In Fanzine, Pasha interviews publisher Sumanth Prabhaker, from Madras Press. And this is not really related, but Madras happen to be about 3 miles from where I’m writing this. Not important, I guess, but kind of cool, and adds a human touch, perhaps. Anyways.

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The Next Chapter Podcast

I think I missed this when it first came around, or perhaps I’ve linked to it and can’t find it now, since the archives situation here is a bit amok, BUT here’s a zippy little link to a podcast Pasha participated on last fall over at CBC’s The Next Chapter.

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Smackdown! (Not Really)

Over at That Shakespearean Rag, Pasha and Steven Beattie discuss literary readings. There are pictures of boxers but surely two internerds discussing the reading of fiction aloud oughtn’t get too contentious. Here’s Part One, here’s Part Two.

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Interview with Evadne Macedo

Evadne Macedo did a fun and wide-ranging interview with Pasha over at her site.

Topics covered:

  • What he’s currently reading
  • His beginnings as a young writer
  • Race
  • Universal truth
  • How expensive his computer is
  • The status of his YA novel
  • What he wears when he writes
  • Other stuff

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Where To Eat in Toronto if You Are Pasha Malla

This is old but still completely relevant, especially if you live in Toronto, or are planning on visiting there ever. TASTE T.O. interviews Pasha about his favorite restaurants.

Personally I have not been to Toronto. Maybe some day.

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Ten Questions

Pasha answers 10 questions from Open Book Toronto. We learn that Pasha’s next book is entitled People Park.

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On Writing Kids

You guys, this is huge. Today our friend Maud Newton brings us a stellar literary mashup: Pasha Malla and Stephany Aulenback have a total back-and-forth discussion on the topic of writing children characters.

I can’t even pick a pullquote, just go read.

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National Post Interview

Happy Short Story Month, you guys! To celebrate this auspicious time, Pasha has been interviewed by the National Post! It is not a long interview, reading time is about 2 minutes.

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NaPoMo Questionnaire

NaPoMo, honestly. Anyways, interesting sort-of-interview with Pasha. For National Poetry Month, for people who like when words are spelled out.

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