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Monster Review

A review of Pasha’s short story “Monsters”, which appeared in Zoetrope this summer.


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Rumpus Review

Great, great review of The Withdrawal Method in The Rumpus recently.

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Front Table Review

Nice review of The Withdrawal Method over at The Front Table.

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The Man Game Review

Pasha reviewed Lee Henderson’s The Man Game for the Globe & Mail.

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Review at La Charpente

A writer named Marjolaine H├ębert reviews The Withdrawal Method. Canadians stick by each other, definitely.

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Big City Girls

A dissection of “Big City Girls,” one of the stories from The Withdrawal Method, at Walrus.

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Pasha reviews Tara Grescoe’s new book, Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood.

I know it’s part of the buzz-building, when someone has a new book out, they have to do a bunch of reviews for other books and such, just to get their name out there. But I’d prefer to read a story actually BY Pasha any old day.

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Quill & Quire review of The Withdrawal Method

Here’s Quill & Quire’s review of The Withdrawal Method. It starts off with some back-handed compliments but overall the reviewer likes it.

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