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TMN Sports Writing Roundtable

Pasha discusses good sportswriting at The Morning News, alongside Katie Baker, Nic Brown, Will Leitch, and Bethlehem Shoals. I scrolled down to the bottom and it looks like Pasha gets the last word in, so that’s got to be good, right?


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Your Final Lay

The Morning News delivers the fifth and final installment of Pasha & Kevin’s Spider Solitaire instructional. Shit gets completely hectic. Please use the comments field below to discuss what you have learned and what questions you still have.

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Prune Versus Plum

Part Four of Pasha’s collaboration with Kevin Dolgin on achieving mastery of Spider Solitaire.

Forget your tiny fireworks. Look up into the sky! Overhead are the stars—nature’s fireworks, Hyperion, a whole fucking galaxy of them. Eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge! Live each moment as though it were your last!

Wait, wait. That’s not helpful advice at all—this would be depressing, surely, to go about as though you are dying. I’m still working through the logistics of this aphorism.

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Are We Not Men

Part Three of an ongoing series about Spider Solitaire. They are really teasing this out, aren’t they.

When at the supermarket I am told by the cashier that my coupon for 20 cents off taco shells has expired, what do I do? Do I bluster and shake my fists and call for a manager? No, Hyperion, I do not. I calmly tuck that coupon back into my wallet and pay full retail price. I give up. And what do those tacos taste of, later, in my apartment? Shame.

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Your First Lay

Part 2 of Kevin Dolgin & Pasha Malla’s foray into the insane world of Spider Solitaire is up today: Your First Lay.

Spider Solitaire is no joke, y’all:

[R]emember this acronym: PRUNES. PRUNES stands for Patience, Recognition, Undo, Not giving up, Excellence, and Statistics. These are the five pillars of SpiSo glory, and they are to the serious player what the stars are to the seafaring sailor, or the literally interpreted Bible to the Christian zealot.


Part 1 was back here. Go.

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The Opening Gambit

Pasha has a joint thing with Kevin Dolgin in The Morning News today. It is basically an expose on how awesome at Spider Solitaire Pasha is. It doesn’t actually have many tips on how to get good at Spider Solitaire, though. Which I guess makes sense. Like Michael Jordan hasn’t opened up a basketball school, or whatever.

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Does He Love You?

Pasha has a new piece in The Morning News today: Does He Love You? is an update on 2005’s Does She Love You? [emphasis added.]

Does She Love You? has been one of the more perennially popular posts on TMN, judging from the Google Alerts that tell me someone has discovered and linked to it basically every day since 2005. Time will tell if the newer masculine version joins it in the annals of awesomeness. (Probably it will.)

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How To Go Caroling

Pasha has an excellent piece in The Morning News today about the perils of holiday caroling.

Apparently he also has something about basketball in The The Morning News Annual, but details are still sketchy.

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The Morning News: Trip To India

In 2007, Pasha went to India for a wedding. He then wrote a series of posts about his experiences for The Morning News, and they’re all very good. Worth lingering over.

Part 1: Namaskar, Goodnight

Part 2: A Couple of My Dad’s Lives

Part 3: New Money

Part 4: When We Go North

Part 5: Paradise Lost?

Part 6: Henna, and Coca-Cola

Part 7: Breaking Bread

Part 8: Making It

Part 9: Lessons in Humility

Part 10: Good Morning

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The Morning News: 5:20 to Jaipur

Pasha Malla and Nicole Pasulka reflect on traveling in India: 5:20 to Jaipur.

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