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Interview with Evadne Macedo

Evadne Macedo did a fun and wide-ranging interview with Pasha over at her site.

Topics covered:

  • What he’s currently reading
  • His beginnings as a young writer
  • Race
  • Universal truth
  • How expensive his computer is
  • The status of his YA novel
  • What he wears when he writes
  • Other stuff

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How It Looks From The Grandstand

In a new post at Ryeberg, Pasha talks about demolition derbies, relationships and more about his experience in Defi-Vision, the race for blind drivers.

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Canada Also Reads

The Withdrawal Method made the long list for the Canada Reads competition.

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Driving Blind

I don’t think I’d seen this before, but via a mention in the New York Times here is an article Pasha did for The Globe & Mail about riding shotgun in a race car with a blind driver.

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Walrus Babies

This week in The Walrus, Pasha reviews the babies he encountered this past year.

(by Sue and Ashok)

In 2009, Anna turned twenty-six, but she is my baby sister, so therefore a baby. And as a baby, she is a total failure. Nobody likes a baby who does adult things, such as organize protests or perform feminist theatre. These are not activities for a baby. Playing with a rattle, pooping, gazing with pure, innocent wonder out into the world — this is what we want from babies. Storming Parliament Hill and doing The Vagina Monologues, not so much.


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Unknown Portraits

Awesome awesome artists Kozyndan have a new book out called The Unknown Portraits, and (AND!) if that wasn’t enough, it features a story by Pasha Malla. People: this is artistic synergy of the highest order. Get with this.

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Love Is a Four Letter Word

There is an essay collection out called Love Is A Four Letter Word and Pasha has a story in it. It was published over the summer but the internet only just told me about it.

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Electric Literature #2

Pasha has a story in the Fall 2009 issue of Electric Literature.

Lydia Davis and Colson Whitehead are also in this issue, so I’d say things are looking up for old Pasha.

Electric Lit is available in printed, ebook, Kindle or iPod editions, which is fun.

(Via Bookscreening.)

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Reading in London Ontario

Pasha is giving a free reading on October 30th at 7:30 pm at the Windermere Manor in London, Ont. The reading will be hosted by the Windermere’s writer-in-residence, Christine Walde. You should totally go! (via Kathryn Mockler)

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Vancouver Writers Fest Appearance

If you are in the Vancouver area today, go to the UBC Bookstore Library in Robson Square to have poetry & short fiction read to you by Pasha Malla and Chris Hutchinson.

This is part of the Vancouver International Writers Festival. It is free and it is at 7 pm.

(via Scout Magazine)

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