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Music To Read A Book Along To

Over at Largehearted Boy, Pasha created a playlist for The Withdrawal Method. It’s basically all New Jack Swing, much to no one’s surprise. God, Tony! Toni! Toné! was so good. I seriously thought they were going to change everything.


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Where To Eat in Toronto if You Are Pasha Malla

This is old but still completely relevant, especially if you live in Toronto, or are planning on visiting there ever. TASTE T.O. interviews Pasha about his favorite restaurants.

Personally I have not been to Toronto. Maybe some day.

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Ain’t got no homies that got my back

At Ryeberg, Pasha discusses his love for the “What’s Up Fatlip?” video.  He is somehow able to draw comparisons to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Justin Fashanu, Heartbreaker

Justin Fashinu was a soccer super star who happened to be gay. Pasha tells his story on Ryberg.

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Are We Not Men

Part Three of an ongoing series about Spider Solitaire. They are really teasing this out, aren’t they.

When at the supermarket I am told by the cashier that my coupon for 20 cents off taco shells has expired, what do I do? Do I bluster and shake my fists and call for a manager? No, Hyperion, I do not. I calmly tuck that coupon back into my wallet and pay full retail price. I give up. And what do those tacos taste of, later, in my apartment? Shame.

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The Other Internet

Pasha has a gorgeous story in Joyland called The Other Internet.

There’s only one virus. It’s called “Medic.” When Medic infiltrates your hard drive, it fixes anything that’s wrong with your computer. And, because of the nature of the Other Internet, “hard drive” of course means brain, and “computer” means life. The best part: the Medic icon is not even annoying. When he pops up in your subconscious, you feel only serenity. He is a handsome, kind man with a laconic bedside manner and very, very soft hands. Do you feel the icy touch of his stethoscope? Yes? That is your soul, finally coming alive.

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Ten Questions

Pasha answers 10 questions from Open Book Toronto. We learn that Pasha’s next book is entitled People Park.

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Monster Review

A review of Pasha’s short story “Monsters”, which appeared in Zoetrope this summer.

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Arthur Ellis Winner

Pasha’s short story “Filmsong” won the 2009 Arthur Ellis award for best short story.

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Freezer Wars

In honor of International Freezer Appreciation Day, Pasha has written a story entitled The Rules of Freezer Wars.


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