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Things That Refuse to Stay in Vegas

The Withdrawal Method gets a nod in this piece in Las Vegas Weekly on the year’s best short story collections.


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I am way behind on posting about Pasha news, everyone. I know this. Hope to get caught up very soon, in between projects. Hold tight.

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Pasha’s Full Trillium Speech

The Afterword has the full text of Pasha’s Trillium acceptance speech. I haven’t read it yet, is it good?

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YES! Pasha Wins The 2009 Trillium Award

This is huge. Pasha was one of the finalists for the 2009 Trillium Book Award. More details and his reaction to winning at The National Post and Quill & Quire.

Awesome! Congrats! We knew you when!

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Pasha Wins Danuta Gleed!

Pasha has won the Danuta Gleed Literary Award! This is awesome.

(It’s a little weird this hasn’t been announced on the Writer’s Union website yet, but I assume it’s true? If it’s in the National Post?)

Anyways super cool, congrats to Pasha.

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On Writing Kids

You guys, this is huge. Today our friend Maud Newton brings us a stellar literary mashup: Pasha Malla and Stephany Aulenback have a total back-and-forth discussion on the topic of writing children characters.

I can’t even pick a pullquote, just go read.

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Your First Lay

Part 2 of Kevin Dolgin & Pasha Malla’s foray into the insane world of Spider Solitaire is up today: Your First Lay.

Spider Solitaire is no joke, y’all:

[R]emember this acronym: PRUNES. PRUNES stands for Patience, Recognition, Undo, Not giving up, Excellence, and Statistics. These are the five pillars of SpiSo glory, and they are to the serious player what the stars are to the seafaring sailor, or the literally interpreted Bible to the Christian zealot.


Part 1 was back here. Go.

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2009 Arthur Ellis Award Nominee

Pasha has made the list of nominees for the 2009 Arthur Ellis Award. His name appears in the Best Short Story category, for “Filmsong” which appeared in Toronto Noir. [via]

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Free Darko: The Shot (?)

Pasha has a thing in Free Darko about basketball. I don’t quite understand what the piece is about, but I honestly think that if you know a lot about basketball you will probably like what he wrote.

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National Post Interview

Happy Short Story Month, you guys! To celebrate this auspicious time, Pasha has been interviewed by the National Post! It is not a long interview, reading time is about 2 minutes.

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