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Canada Also Reads

The Withdrawal Method made the long list for the Canada Reads competition.


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Arthur Ellis Winner

Pasha’s short story “Filmsong” won the 2009 Arthur Ellis award for best short story.

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Pasha’s Full Trillium Speech

The Afterword has the full text of Pasha’s Trillium acceptance speech. I haven’t read it yet, is it good?

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YES! Pasha Wins The 2009 Trillium Award

This is huge. Pasha was one of the finalists for the 2009 Trillium Book Award. More details and his reaction to winning at The National Post and Quill & Quire.

Awesome! Congrats! We knew you when!

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Pasha Wins Danuta Gleed!

Pasha has won the Danuta Gleed Literary Award! This is awesome.

(It’s a little weird this hasn’t been announced on the Writer’s Union website yet, but I assume it’s true? If it’s in the National Post?)

Anyways super cool, congrats to Pasha.

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2009 Arthur Ellis Award Nominee

Pasha has made the list of nominees for the 2009 Arthur Ellis Award. His name appears in the Best Short Story category, for “Filmsong” which appeared in Toronto Noir. [via]

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Danuta Gleed Shortlist

Pasha has made the shortlist for the Danuta Gleed Literary Award (for Canadian short fiction published in 2008). Canada has so many awards. I love it.

Winners will be announced May 23rd. I hope Pasha Malla wins.

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Commonwealth Writer’s Short List

Pasha has made the short list in the 2009 Commonwealth Writer’s Prize! His nomination is in the category Best First Book Award: Canada and the Caribbean, for The Withdrawal Method. More details and full list here.

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Wired Writing

Pasha will be on the faculty for the Wired Writing Studio at the Banff Centre this year. He’s one of 4 faculty members overseeing fiction & other narrative prose. Application deadline is June 19, 2009 if you would like to study with him. This could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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Moving On Up to Berton House

Pasha was one of four writers selected for the 2009-2010 Berton House writers-in-residence program. Yay! He will travel to the Yukon and spend 3 months living in the childhood home of Canadian author Pierre Berton.

As of press time, it was unknown which months he would be spending there, or what he hoped to accomplish there.

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