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The Air Strip

A fun open-letter thing about Canadian airports being outfitted with body scanners, over at The Walrus.


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Thru-You at Ryeberg

About a year ago the internet collectively ooohed and ahhhed over a series of YouTube video mash-ups called Thru-You. Pasha reflects a year later, over at Ryeberg.

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How It Looks From The Grandstand

In a new post at Ryeberg, Pasha talks about demolition derbies, relationships and more about his experience in Defi-Vision, the race for blind drivers.

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Driving Blind

I don’t think I’d seen this before, but via a mention in the New York Times here is an article Pasha did for The Globe & Mail about riding shotgun in a race car with a blind driver.

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Ain’t got no homies that got my back

At Ryeberg, Pasha discusses his love for the “What’s Up Fatlip?” video.  He is somehow able to draw comparisons to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Justin Fashanu, Heartbreaker

Justin Fashinu was a soccer super star who happened to be gay. Pasha tells his story on Ryberg.

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Racism Journal

From the Globe & Mail: Self-Portrait of a Racist— a lengthy think piece from Pasha about self-exploration of his racism.

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Why Even Bother

Here’s a collection of pieces Pasha has written for Litpark.

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The Morning News: Trip To India

In 2007, Pasha went to India for a wedding. He then wrote a series of posts about his experiences for The Morning News, and they’re all very good. Worth lingering over.

Part 1: Namaskar, Goodnight

Part 2: A Couple of My Dad’s Lives

Part 3: New Money

Part 4: When We Go North

Part 5: Paradise Lost?

Part 6: Henna, and Coca-Cola

Part 7: Breaking Bread

Part 8: Making It

Part 9: Lessons in Humility

Part 10: Good Morning

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The Morning News: 5:20 to Jaipur

Pasha Malla and Nicole Pasulka reflect on traveling in India: 5:20 to Jaipur.

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