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Music To Read A Book Along To

Over at Largehearted Boy, Pasha created a playlist for The Withdrawal Method. It’s basically all New Jack Swing, much to no one’s surprise. God, Tony! Toni! TonĂ©! was so good. I seriously thought they were going to change everything.


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Ten Questions

Pasha answers 10 questions from Open Book Toronto. We learn that Pasha’s next book is entitled People Park.

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Things That Refuse to Stay in Vegas

The Withdrawal Method gets a nod in this piece in Las Vegas Weekly on the year’s best short story collections.

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Excerpts from All Our Grandfathers Are Ghosts

Pasha’s editor is posting excerpts from from All Our Grandfathers Are Ghosts on his blog. Plus you can see what the cover looks like, for the first time. It looks interesting.

Go visit to read “Emmanuel Lewis is Dead” and “I Got My MFA In Haiku and This Was My Thesis.”

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New Book: All Our Grandfathers Are Ghosts

NOTE that Pasha’s new book comes out this week and as of this writing is available on for only $8. You can look as long and hard as you like, but you will not find another deal this entertaining. Go get it and then tell me how you like it. Pasha says that the new book is funnier than his last one. So.

Here’s the description:

Imagine a world just like our own: the celebrities march their sequined parade on TV, the Dairy Queens dollop out fat splooges of frozen yogurt, folks hump one another like they always have, and sometimes there’s shoplifting, and sometimes there’s love. Except there’s no morality, none at all, which skews things some. Murder happens off-handedly, as a joke, the librarians are all on acid, at parties people chug goblets of their own pee, and Fred Savage has been crowned king of Romania. This is the world of All Our Grandfathers Are Ghosts, a book of poems about the search for order amid total, hilarious moral collapse.

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Interview with Pasha Malla’s Mother

You (yes, you) can download an mp3 of Pasha’s mother interviewing him about his new book, The Withdrawal Method, here.

It’s not really an interview as much as it is Pasha drawing interesting observations out of his mother. Either way, it’s quite good.

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New Book: The Withdrawal Method

I need to import a bunch of links to old things Pasha has published, but I think the most important thing is to focus on the big news, which is that Pasha Malla finally has a book out! Awesome. It is a collection of short stories called The Withdrawal Method, published by Anansi. It is $29.95 CDN, which as we go to press today is about $30.43 US. So OK, not exactly cheap, but these are quality stories, crafted by one of the best writers out there right now, so there are a lot of crappier things you’ll spend $30 on in the next year.

$30 would be like buying 2 CDs, for instance. Ha! Oh it feels good to laugh.

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